Fostering Consciousness is a resource centre for therapeutic self-care tools and a breeding ground of invitations for new ways of thinking.

The inception of this website was created as a healing modality for myself.  I am a practicing RMT and a musician.  In 2012  I was diagnosed with a very large benign tumor in my uterus also known as a fibroid. After conferring with a number of Doctors, Health Care Practitioners and conducting my own research I learned that there was not one definitive rationale for its presence. My journey of healing was most impacted by the work of Dr. Christiane Northrup. She advocates that a strong contributing factor of uterine fibroid development is due to unexpressed creative energy.  WTF?  I am a musician. I have been involved in music making since I was 6 years old.

But, did that mean that I had been expressing all of my creative energy through my music making? According to Dr. Northrup's medical expertise, the mere existence of my fibroid indicated that I was not.

Upon reflection and consideration of the varied treatment protocols available to me, I chose to incorporate them all into a mind-body-spirit approach.   This included getting to the bottom of my unexpressed creative energy. Cue the creation of this website.