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Season 1/Episode 1

Why is it so dang hard for some people to keep up a regular exercise regime? I often ask this question to clients (and to myself).

The number one answer I get is, TIME. There’s not enough time. But. I don’t buy that it’s a TIME thing.

After much contemplation…I think it’s the same concept as the episode ” Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little” from my beloved TV show, Sex and the City.   In this scene, Jack Berger (Carrie’s boyfriend) and the girls are out on the town having drinks and talking about mixed messages men send. When asked for his perspective on why Miranda’s date didn’t accept her invite to come up for a post first date drink,  Berger introduces the girls to the concept ” He’s just not that into you.” He goes on to say…”With guys, it’s very simple. If we’re into you, we’re coming upstairs, we’re booking the next date. There are no mixed messages.”

For some of my patients, it’s very simple. They wake up early to get their exercises in before breakfast, they stop off at the gym or yoga studio on their way home from work. They build their exercise regime into their schedule. There are no mixed messages.

If YOU’RE into you, its’ very simple. YOU’RE finding the time, YOU’RE booking the next exercise date. There are no mixed messages.

So why don’t YOU want to?

Have YOU forgotten how to love yourself?

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